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VOL. 8 - 2003

In this issue of our newsletter we will explore the many possibility of Culinary and Cooking Holidays in Spain!

For those of you who like to travel not just for sightseeing but also to experience and savour fine local cuisine and wines, then our culinary trips will interest you. Eat and drink your way across Spain! and along the way pick up cooking secrets from expert chefs with hands-on cooking classes

Spain has a diverse range of cuisine changing in each region, for example with our one week cooking holidays you could learn about Catalan Cuisine or try Basque Cuisine and the Cantabrian Coast, and also down in the south Granada, A Culinary Discovery. If you don't want to join a group or to have many days of cooking classes, you could try one of our half-day private cooking classes available in Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Sevilla and in Amporda - Costa Brava, Catalonia.

As well for those of you who are not interested in learning how to cook we also have tours where you can learn the process of how Spanish Iberico Ham is made or even see how the Olive is picked at the time of the Olive Oil Harvest, and also the possibility of learning about Spanish Spices, the Saffron and Paprika Route. For shorter trips try A Gastronomic weekend in Andalucia and as well for just day trips out of Sevilla you could visit the Sierra of Aracena land of the Pata Negra cured Ham or the Sierra of Grazalema, the land where the olive tree is the king.

In closing we can't forget to mention our tour where you will get a full.....
Taste of Spain

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Vacation Spotlight...


Olive Oil Harvest



Country: Spain



Region: Andalucía


Start City: Sevilla



Duration:  7 Days / 6 Nights  


Type: Scheduled Group Tour  
  Theme: Culinary and Cooking Holidays  
  Description: This culinary tour will leave you with a clear memory as to why Spanish Olive Oil is called Liquid Gold by many chefs. The base of Mediterranean cuisine since the time of the Phoenicians, Spanish…  

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