- EA Newsletter
VOL. 9 - 2003

This volume of our newsletters is to let Travel Agents and Tour Operators worldwide know about our new EuroAffiliate Program!

This program is available to Registered Businesses (Agencies, Tour Operators, Hotels....) that have their own website.
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What the EuroAffiliate Program Initials and how it works:
  • What is the EuroAffilate Program? It is an Affiliation program that allows you to add AffiliateLinks on your website to link to EuroAdventures VacationCentre! and tour products. When visitors from your site click-thru to EuroAdventures and book a specific tour product you earn commission.

  • Where do I get my AffiliateLinks? You have to go to the AffiliateLinks section in the Affiliate Console. Here you will see a list of all our product links, product lists etc... When you enter this page our site detects your AffiliateID and adds it to the end of every link. For further instructions refer to the AffiliateLinks page.

  • How are my AffiliateLinks tracked? Once you have added your personalized AffiliateLinks to your website every time a visitor on your website clicks-thru an AffiliateLink to our site it is tracked by using Cookies and checks for your AffiliateID in our Database online. You will see in your affiliate URL links at the end contains a value AF= this is your AffiliateID that has been assigned to you. We keep track of all Click-Thrus which can been seen in your AffiliateClick-Thrus. When visitors book a tour product with us the details of the booking will appear in your EuroDesktop.

  • How do you process my client's payments? If a visitor that has come from your site and books with us they make payments directly to us and must be made in €UROS by Cashier Check or Bank Transfer. Details are provided to the visitor when they fill out the Reservation Request form on any tour product. We invoice your client directly and then pay out the commission to you. Currently we do not accept Credit Cards, but this is in the planning process, if your client does wish to be pay by credit card then we will contact you and if you agree to accept their payment by Credit Card then we will invoice to you instead of your client for the amount received and you will pay to us the amount less your commission. For further info on this subject fill out our AffiliateInquire form.

  • How much commission do I make? Commission starts at 8,5% for all tour products listed, if the visitor wants us to create a customized tour then you make 10% or more! you set the rate you wish to be added on all customized tour quotes.

  • How and when are commissions paid? Commissions are paid by company check in €UROS. If we receive final payment from your client 45 days or more before departure you will be sent your commission check 30 days before your clients departure. If final payment is received within 30 days of departure, your commission will be sent a week after we receive the payment. There is no minimum amount before commissions are paid. When you receive a commission check you must send us a receipt of payment by mail for the amount of commission sent to your company.

  • What about travel insurance and airfare? We do not book travel insurance or airfare so if a visitor from your site asks for a quote on these services we will tell them to contact you if you are an Agency or Tour Operator, if your company does not issue these items then we will advise them to contact their local travel agent.

  • What if my repeat clients contact directly to you and not through our AffiliateLinks? Once your clients have booked with us the 1st time we register them a CustomerID which is linked to yours in our Database, so when a client of yours come back to us for another booking we know that it is a client of yours and commission is paid to you as according. We are here to work with our value Company Clients not to steal their clients.

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