Abadia de Cabeiras

Located in Cabeiras, Arbo in the Condado de Tea Valley. The stone walled entrance to our Artisan Wine Cellar has been standing for hundreds of years. Originally built as the entrance for the Abbey of Cabaries village. The church still stands and is situated less than 200 metres from this entrance way. Two generation have successfully produced Albariño and Condado wines of legendary natural quality within these ancient walls. We don't plan to let the legend fade, our family is dedicated to keeping the legacy alive and continue making wines with the traditional techniques. Jose Araujo Lorenzo, my Father-in-law is native of the village and has been making wine since his was just a little boy. Now he is passing his knowledge on to me, Sean O'Rourke, The Tour Operations Manager for EuroAdventures Vacations. Our winery is not a winery listed in the Denomination of Origin Rias Baxias, we are in the region but sell we do not sell our wines on a commercial level and with a production of approx. 2000 bottle per year it is very little to market nationally or international. Unlike the commercial wineries which ferment and control their wines in large steel vats, we ferment and control our white wines in Oak Barrels using the old methods of local wine-making traditions, we can afford to due this seeing it is such a small production and for family & friends consumption. Jose makes wines for the art of it, not to produce on a commercial scale and sell, that is when the modern techniques come in and the tradition and art is taken out of Artisan Wine making. The varieties of grapes grown in our vineyard are mainly Albariño and Triexadura, with some other local varieties. Our Condado white wine, which is a type of wine only from this area, is a blend of Albariño (70% - 80%) and Treixadura. We invite you to pour yourself, a glass, or two… of wine and enjoy…. GALICIAN WARM FAMILY HOSPITALITY.

Visitors Info:

Call in advance EuroAdventures Vacations for info. regarding visits to the cellar
Includes visit to vineyard: Yes 
Maximum number of visitors: 20