Bodegas Via Romana

Via Romana (Roman Road), is the latest wine to be given the Ribeira Sacra Denomiation of Origin, a land surrounded by the River Miņo, set in the heroic Belesar vineyards. The name comes from being located on an ancient Roman Road. With a total of 12 hectatres of its own vineyards, growing top quality grapes with a balanced production limitied to one and a half kilos per vine. The grape harvest then undergoes a strict selection process. Offering the essence of the land where it grows, the autochthonous Mencia small pip grape as the main variety and belended with other noble varieties. Technologically perfect, the Via Romana winery is equipped with the leading edge machinery for extracting the grape with all its excellent qualities: pumpless casking, pressing and low speed destemming, combined with a traditional cellar half underground to maintain suitable temperature and humidity. The band of wine is called Via Romana, an exquisite looking wine, deep puple-red in colour with flashes of dark violet. The aroma is highlighted by intense hints of red friuts of the wood, envopled in mint and cherry. Its fresh, balanced tastes fills the palate with the same aromas ast the back of the nose, offering an aftertaste marked by an emphatic tannin flavour. A harmonious solidy structured wine.

Visitors Info:

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