Bodega Joaquín Rebolledo

The winery "JOAQUIN REBOLLEDO S.A.", is located in the village of A Rua, province of Ourense, and is within the Denomination of Origin Valdeorras. Dedicated in elaboration of high quality wines, in their family winery, which through the years has been renovated and adapted to the necessities of all the latest modern wine-making techniques. The modern part of the winery with the steel vats is built overtop of the old family cave winery which is still in use for aging in barrel their reserve red wines. The stone cave is the main attraction of this winery, but it is also nice to see the modern equipment to get an idea of the evolution of wine making in this winery. The grape varieties that are grown in their vineyard are Godello, Mencia, Brancellau, María Ordoña, Caiño, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. They have three brands of wine which are: Blanco Godello "Joaquín Rebolledo"; made from the godello wine grape variety, a light fresh young wine. Tinto Mencía "Joaquín Rebolledo"; Made from the Mencia grape variety, a full-bodied young red wine. Merlot Reserva "Joaquín Rebolledo" año 1992; In 1986 in Galicia they started to plant different grape varieties to make a reserve wine. The varieties used in this wine are principally Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon along with the local grape varieties Brancellau, María Ordoña and Caiño. Aged 1 year in Fench Oak Barrels, and then 3 years. This wine has be classified for its quality and known as the VEGA SICILIA "GALLEGO", but with a difference in price.

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