Aguardiente (also known as Orujo) is made by using the skins of the pressed grape (orujo or bagazo), which is distilled in farmhouses. It is commonly used in the famous queimadas, burning it after a meal. The queimador (burner) makes a spectacular blue flame in the Clay bowl while he recites the conxuro-the spell. In Galicia there is a tradition of the meiga, bruxa, or curandera, who is looked upon as a benign healer more than an evil witch. The meiga-which means docile-is always present in folklore and literature, and dolls or clay figures of these figures can be found in fairs and in shops. 

Gallegos are known in Spain for their superstitions, perhaps because of the inhospitable terrain and the usually foggy or rainy weather. 


- Aguardiente (Similar to Brandy) 
- 6 spoonfuls of sugar for each liter of Aguardiente
- 1 lemon rind 
- Optional: coffee grains, wine, oranges, apples 

In a clay bowl pour the Aguardiente, the sugar, and the lemon rinds. With a wide cooking spoon stir the brandy and the little sugar on the bottom, and then set fire to it; when it starts to burn add the rest little by little until it burns also. Once the flame is blue, put it out and serve it in clay cups. 

The Conxuro spell recited when burning 

Conxuro Spell-to be said by the "burner" of the Aguardiente 

Owls, toads and witches, evil demons and devils 

Spirits of the snowy valleys

Crows, salamanders and witches, spells from the healers. 

Rotten reeds filled with holes, home to worms and pests. 

Fire of the souls in torment, black spells, 

smell of the dead, thunder and lightning. 

A dog's bark, announcing death. 

Grimace of the satyr and rabbit's foot. 

Sinning tongue of the bad woman married to an old man. 

Hell of Satan and Belzebub, fire of the cadavers in flames, 

bodies mutilated by the indecent farts 

of the infernal asses, roar of the raging sea. 

Useless womb of a single woman, screeching of cats in heat, 

the evil and dirty fur of a badly born goat. 

With this cup I will raise the flames 

of this fire that resembles the fires of hell, 

and witches will flee on their brooms, 

going to bathe at the beach of the fat sands. 

Listen, listen! 

The roars made by those who cannot escape 

being burned in the brandy and becoming purified. 

And when this brew goes down our throats, 

we will be free of the evil of our soul and from every spell. 

Forces of the air, land, sea, and fire, to you I make this call: 

if it is true that you have more power than humans, here and now, 

if it is true that you have more power than humans, here and now, 

make the spirits of the friends who are outside 

join in with us in this queimada. 

  Past Group Queimada